Scicon Tandem Tasche Aerocomfort

999,00 CHF

Länge 190cm, Höhe 95cm, Breite 25cm, Gewicht 14.4kg


It’s easy to pack your bike yourself
•When you receive your bike travel bag the first time, register the product online.
• The AeroComfort Tandem™ allows you to keep seat post in place.
• You need to remove the wheels from your bike, which requires you only to undo the quick-release skewers.
• The AeroComfort Tandem™ arrives with all the necessary additional protection you need to pack your bike.
• If you choose to remove your pedals, you may need a pedal spanner. That is as far as it goes.



• Remove any accessories from your bike, like a GPS unit and bottles. Any loose items in the bike travel bag can scratch or damage your bike frame.

•If you have electronic gears, remove the battery and store it in your hand luggage.

• Carry your helmets, pedals, shoes and GPS in your hand luggage.

• Always inspect your luggage immediately upon receipt at your destination and report damages immediately to the airline.


You don’t need to be a professional cyclist to travel abroad with your tandem bike. If you are not too familiar with disassembling your bike, then the AeroComfort Tandem™ should be your first choice.

All that you need to remove is the handlebars and the quick-release skewers of your wheels. You don’t have to remove the seat posts.

The AeroComfort Tandem™ is the only bike travel bag on the market that is suitable for tandem bikes.

Minimal disassembly of your bicycle, padded protection, dedicated storage space for all bike parts and lightweight material provide you with the confidence that you and your tandem bike will arrive safely and soundly at your destination. And the best part is that we have you covered with a global limited lifetime guarantee!


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